In the world’s grand mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, heat pump plays a crucial role in electrifying heating systems and increasing energy efficiency.  With durability and maintainability also taken into account, not only are our heat pump systems sustainable in the sense of direct energy saving, they are designed and built to last and perform. 


JF have been applying air-source and water-source heat pumps to a wide range of our thermal systems, including
– Commercial hot water supply (hotels, clubhouses, care homes, hospitals, etc.)
– Residential hot water supply
– Swimming pool heating
– Pool climate control


Contrary to conventional boilers which gives as much as it burns, heat pumps takes 1 unit of energy to give you multiple units of heat. Our selection of air-source heat pumps have COP (Coefficient Of Performance) of at least 3 to 5 or an even higher range under normal circumstances, which can be regarded as an idea of 300-500% efficiency.  

For our water-source heat pumps, if heat recovery is utilised in the system, a combined COP of at least 5 to 8 can even be achieved, meaning that for every dollar spent on electricity, you get 5-8 (or even more) dollars worth of energy back.  


Heat pumps are rather straightforward machines one may find it easy to understand; but to really get the full heat pump experience, it is essential to apply it in a well-designed thermal system.  The team of specialist engineers in JF Thermal will be glad to hear your needs and translate them into a heat pump system that performs and lasts.


Whether to upgrade traditional heating systems with ecofriendly heat pump systems or to replace existing heat pumps that no longer perform well, JF Thermal offers all-rounded services and product packages to assure you and your clients a hassle-free and painless retrofitting arrangement.

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