About Us

The Company

With over 25 years of experience in thermal engineering, JF Thermal System Limited (affiliated with Jun Feng Co. Ltd.) offers clients total solutions, from system design and equipment supply to installation and maintenance. The company’s business covers residential, commercial and industrial application of comfort heating, air conditioning, and hot water system, supported by a wide range of products from Europe, North America, and Oceania.

JF Thermal has gained a good reputation while striving to uphold a high standard of practice and product quality. With the solid foundation, the company has been developing green and robust systems for a wide range of clients including Developers, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, and Stockists.

Our Mission

JF Thermal is Your Total Heating Solution.

Our Business

The market we are covering includes:
-  Building services of commercial and residential developments.
-  Industrial and production establishments.
-  ODM supplies of heating parts.
-  Industrial and process heating.

Our Commitment

As a company of heating system, we have a technical team to serve your inquiry from preliminary design to after sale service, ensuring our equipment to be properly applied and operating to your expectation. You are always welcome to contact us for proposal to meet with your specific requirement or for service of equipment.


Enhanced Service

Proposal of heating system is not only a recommendation of equipment, but considers design criteria (your need), matching, energy saving, and even site feasibility.

Maintenance service is not only fixing problems of equipment, but provides preventive maintenance regularly and protection against potential damage(s).


Our Suppliers

For our engineers to build quality heating systems, the products we supply may not be the cheapest but are guaranteed the most reliable in town.  Our quality products come from the following brands: